AFTRZ is a brand new reality… virtually.

AFTRZ is seeking investors and partners to build and operate the world’s leading VR Broadcast Centre in Los Angeles, CA. The global VR Broadcasting Center will offer a universal platform for events such as live music concerts, speaking engagements, fashion shows, private auctions among many others. Our combination of technology system design and integration will provide an immersive space like no other. To lead the execution of the project we have enlisted the expertise of top tier designers and builders whose clients include Dolby, Netflix, Chainsmokers, Warner Brothers, Atlantic Records, and Spotify to name just a few. 

Our mission is to drive the next big technology innovation in the entertainment industry. AFTRZ’s early revenues will derive from live events which can be attended both physically and virtually giving fans and participants worldwide a truly unique remote experience. With the implementation of a hi-tech network of VR cameras strategically mounted throughout the venue, consumers will feel like they are inside AFTRZ’s headquarters, on stage with their favorite artists, designers etc. – free to roam around the space and experience the ambience in real time. The audio will also be a spatial system designed by industry-leading technicians. AFTRZ’s full immersion model will allow public figures and musical artists, for example, to connect with and expand their fan base exponentially. 

Management will also develop revenue streams for products and services related to the core business. For example, an “OnDemand” archive gallery and streaming marketplace consisting of past events taking place at the venue will drive revenue similar to streaming platforms.